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An Editorial


Author's Note: áI am a proud citizen of the United States of America and Planet Earth. á I deeply love our world and the vast majority of the human race.

But, there are predators among us who strive to exploit us, dominate us and make our lives more difficult. á The "bully" or "predator mentality" is the major cause of war, terrorism, incidents like the Columbine atrocity and countless other tragedies of human suffering, hardship and death. á This antisocial behavior is a result of our over emphasis on "winning." á Rather than "competition," we should emphasize "cooperation," love and happiness to our young.

Most bullies are ruthlessly competitive, egomaniacal predators with no social conscience. á They don't care who they hurt in the process of getting what they want.   The only thing that stops their criminal behavior is the threat of being caught.  So, smart bullies usually grow into dangerously insane tyrants with too much power and little or no outside control. á They've done well, for themselves, in "their" political arenas. á And, the successful domination of government and business by out-of-control predators is the reason why politics seldom benefits "The People."

Tyranny means "cruel rule." Tyranny flourishes when we allow anti-social competition to be openly encouraged and rewarded. á To moderate the behavior of a bully (tyrant), one must stop accepting his abuse. á We must establish a global understanding that tyranny, on any scale, will no longer be tolerated. To mandate laws and systems to contain and control the dangerously insane is simple self-defense and demonstrates good common sense. á We must make OUR Earth safe and secure for ourselves and our children.

I always nodded my head in agreement with the old rally call: "America: Love It Or Leave it," even though it was incomplete. á It implied there was no room for improvement in the USA and that anyone who strived for change was anti-American. á Of course, that was just ruling class' propaganda to prevent disruption of their gravy train. We all understand that there is almost infinite room for improvement in America and everywhere in the world.   We should revise that old slogan to fit the times. á I suggest: "EARTH: FIX IT OR LEAVE IT!" á Everyone is a part of the problem or a part of the solution.

I've had a life-long obsession with seeing the seeds of "Real Democracy" planted somewhere in our fertile Earth. The Internet has only recently provided us, for the first time in history, with the technology necessary for actual democracy. á But, in wake of the 9/11 terrorists' atrocities, the United States and Great Britain have enacted sweeping, invasive and ambiguous new laws to track down subversives ~ laws which could be used against "any effort" to affect fundamental change! á Yes, the Internet is our only real hope for freedom ~ our light at the end of the tunnel. á And the ruling class is moving swiftly to close the gap ~ to turn off the light! We may only have a short window of opportunity in which to unite ~ to establish this process. á We must institute a system which perpetually forces our governments into compliance with the will of the majority of the citizens they govern. á We owe this to posterity!

The completion and successful implementation of this democratic forum system will be the realization of my life's dream.   It will only profit me by the satisfaction of knowing that it's perpetually at work enabling humanity to make the Earth more fit for human habitation.   Please, help make it a success for yourself, your children and their children.   Otherwise, you'll be leaving them a larger mess than the one we inherited!

á ~á Al Smith, Founder

NOTICE TO AMERICANS: There is now a movement to legalize democracy in America!   Please go to The National Initiative For Democracy and cast your vote for the passage of "The Democracy Act" and "The Democracy Amendment" to the U. S. Constitution which will create a "Legislature of the People" to co-govern with Congress.

MajorityVoice is dedicated to all of the Children of the Earth and to our lovely daughter, the late Charity Alexis Smith. May this good work of creating true democracy help fill the unbearable voids in all our lives."To Charity and Posterity!"

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